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King LaFrance is an International Model, Brand Ambassador and Mixologist born in Munich, Bavaria, Germany. She lived much of her life in her hometown Walpole, Massachusetts, graduating from Hermitage High School in Richmond, Virginia.


King got her start in modeling by winning a local competition in St Louis. Later King was featured as the Lead in several major artist’ videos including Pit Bull, Murphy Lee, and Jagged Edge. She has been featured in several magazines and walked in local fashion shows. King’s passion for modeling continued to grow because of her love for the artistic, creative, and high fashion side of modeling. The lines that a woman’s body can make with the right photographer’s emphasis is pure artwork.

King is a known mixologist, she has an extensive knowledge in liquor, beer and wine. She fell in love with the creative side of bartending, creating her own unique cocktails from scratch and loves educating people about their liquor palette.


King is currently a brand ambassador for a swimwear and lingerie line looking to gain additional sponsorships from major brands.

King is available for booking, willing to travel, and available for any brand ambassador positions.


Areas of focus:
Print Ads

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